Naruto Rpg

Make your own Ninja and live life as a Ninja.


We recommend that all users have an AIM account, upon character creation approval, you will be given the AIM screen names of the leaders and the other RPG-ers.

1) You must either be a team of 3 or be alone, no teams of 2 or 4.

2) No overpowering your character. Don't make your demon the Nine-Tailed Fox or anything. Since the forum leaders are monitoring and participating in this RPG, we will determine what is overpowered.

3) Stay up-to-date on the show don't say something if something else has happened in show(Ex. Don't put Hinata in one of your posts as to she is being healed for now.) Please try to avoid using Main characters in your posts. We are not a fan-fic we are a RPG

4) You can't be more than one village experted. Don't jump from village to village in like one second it takes days to get from one village to another.

5) Don't kill off a player with out there other players consent.

6) When you create your character add all info needed to know about them in a post on the forum. Then IM AEtherBlue or Novoxy with those details for Character acceptance.

7) When you create your character make sure you make your Chibi at -
(This is for profiling for your character, also to give other RPG-ers an idea of what your character looks like.)

8) What the Forum Leaders say is LAW, period. 

9) Only one character per person is allowed. Upon request to a forum leader, provided a valuable plot-related reason, an individual
may be allowed to use two or more characters. (This does not guarantee it.)

10) DO NOT under any circumstances post for another persons character or involve another's character in your posts unless agreed to by both RPG-ers. If there is any in-decision apon a post, one of the site leaders will decide for them. (They may control your character to a certain extent, eg: you get in a fight with another character, they can post about what happens in the fight as long as you both agree on the outcome.)

11) If a user fails to post within a reasonable amount of time, there character will be discarded in the posts of there team or may be taken over by one of the forum leaders.

12) You should have a AIM account.  Then contact us on the SN's Novoxy or oOAEtherBlueOo. To get a SN go to this site- And I guess your gonna need the program too-

13)Obey all rules or you are banned from RPG.

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