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Make your own Ninja and live life as a Ninja.

All of the Profiles seen here are typed exactally as how it is seen on the forums. Please if you are going to make a charicter, type it in with as many revisions as you se nessasary, this is representing you.

Name: Raigon

Age: 18

Wieght: 190

Height: 6'0

Status: Missing Nin

Shinobi Status: S Class Criminal in the bingo book

Village: Hidden Cloud Village

Family Name: Unknown

Bloodline: Red Lightning Element

Elements: Lightning and Wind ( The lightning jutsu is red because of his bloodline )

Most Powerful Moves :

1. Raikengan ( Lightning Rasengan )

2. Twin Thunder Dragon ( Lightning )

3. Crimson Skies ( Lightning and Wind Element )

Info:  Also known as the god of red lightning. Imprisoned by his village on the charges for murder, he spent 8 years in prison. There are no details on the murder itself because the village banned any investigation concerning it. now he has escaped and is still atlarge. It is said that when he goes off to battle, the sky turns red and a storm begins to brew. 


Name: Hiruko Seto
Age: 18 Height: 6'4"
Weight: 270
Apearance: Male, tall he wears increadibally large weights on his shoulders arms and legs. He uses them for both streangth gaining and armour. He usually doesent take them off. He uses genjutsu and taijustsu mostly. He uses anything as a weapon.

Ninja Clan - Water Village

Family - None.

Inherited technique: Bloodline technique, (Will think of the name later) creates a misty area that pulls down on everyone inside it to the point they cannot move. The water dencifies and forces the ninja to the ground. The increadibally heavy weights my char puts on are taken off and I can move freely within the area. The stronger I get from the weights, the harder the mist will push.

Rank: Ex-Hunter Nin. Now a mercinary.

Personality: Calm playfull personality untill he is angry, then he is chaotic and deadly. Special attack: None known yet.

Name - Shathern

(does not know last name)

Height - 57

Age - 16

Weight - 169

Appearance - Male, black vest with black shirt under with blue shoes with holes in the front, has a gold sword in each hand and brownish blackish shorts

Ninja Clan - Sound

Family - Abandoned at birth

Inherited Techniques - none

Bloodline: Blood raged eyes

(when he gets angry his eyes turn dark red and is able to accurately predict his opponents movement)

Rank - bounty hunter

Personality - calm, quiet, loyal, friendly

Special Attack - Hatching earth giants

(He hits the ground with his swords and two giant pieces of rock come out

of the ground and take shape of something that looks like a giant troll with no neck)

Back Round - He was abandoned at birth and was found by Orochimaru and took care of until he was 7 and was taught how to fight he killed many people and killed someone that had his swords he thought his purpose in life was to kill. So he went and left the village and sought more people to kill and ever since he has been gladly killing people for the money and been going to towns to find more bounties and to stop and rest.

Name: Nekio Huzami

Height: 6'1

Age: 16

Weight: 151

Appearance - unknown



Inherited - He doesnt know,He has no Family


Personality: He is Very Strong Hearted.He can be a little clumsy at times,but he is also a great ninja.

Specail: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Background - He was raised by his best friend's family,and i never knew his real family.He has a big heart but sometimes his darkness half of him takes over.When he turned 12 he decided he wanted to become a ninja and at the age of 14 he went to the ninja acadamey and took all the exams and became a ninja.He has been a ninja for 1 year and 10 months and is doing really well.

name: iroshi ibiki (a.k.a dragon of the west)

 ( same person different occasion)

Age: 16

Height: 5.9

Weight: 150

Village: Hidden leaf village

Demon: none

Rank: juonin

Family(clan): ibiki clan

Blood Line( kek genkai): flame jutsus

Personality: he is friendly, nice, he will do everything to protect his comrades and his village.

Speciality: flaming chronicles: a few and signs, engolfs his enemy in flame.

Flame coffin jutsu : traps his enemy in is flame coffin

Fire clones: creates clones that can burst into flame among many enemy

Also known for his flaming sword and much more which u'll  see as time goes on.

History: Iroshi was born into one of the village's noble family, the ibiki clan, mainly known for fire element jutsu.

when he was eight, he went to the academy and gradutated at 12. he became a chunin the next year, and at the age of 14, he became a jounin. iroshi's family was killed by a gang called the blood bandit, so his brother, itaka set out on a course of revenge but later made himself the leader of the blood bandit.

Iroshi wants to stop his brother from joining orochimaru in the distruction of konoha( leaf village) and will stop at nothing to protect his comrades and his village.






demon-sishi,flaming lion. clan:unknown


bingo book nickname:angered fang ninja


personality:big hearted bad tempered but cant stand to see a decent person sad. protective of his friends. rushes straight into a fight, without thinking about it first. specialty: shadow clone jutsu,wind based atacks,various great sword styles.angel dragon summoning,mastered the angel dragon style(note: this is not a demon inside of him it is a jutsu style,some people get confused with this).

ultamite:summoning of the six blades,summons ultamite blades and fuses them together to make elements wrath,a sword with six different elements

backround: not much known really. born age of 12 became genin,chuunin at 14,the rest is amnesia at the end of each image code you must add a(]).

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